About me


Hello. My name is Bethany; my friends call me Jinn. I knit, I climb rocks and I drink a lot of tea. This blog is a collection of notes and side stories of my life.

I’ve always loved to write, with pens and ink—and not only stories. I like to put things on paper. Doesn’t really matter what, just things like, “Yes, I am still awesome,” or, “I started unloading the dishwasher; not knowing where to put the dishes, I stopped.”

At times, phrases run through my head, things a character would say or do. If I don’t write them down they come out anyway and I start talking to no one. I began writing so I wouldn’t end up in a padded room by the time I turned 20. I’m happy to say, I have avoided that room so far; I am now 33. Writing really pays off.


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